Queer Magic: Part 2, The Cat and Mouse Game

Last time we talked, Ihavegonetoofar and Dog, two strange beings living in the City, took refuge in an equally strange bar on a cold night. There, the bartender offers relief in exchange for stories about the people in the bar. Ihavegonetoofar accepts the offer. It remains to be seen if it was prudent to do so.

Once, there was a mouse and a cat.

The cat stalked the mouse. It used the magic of Walking This Way, which is known to everything that hunts on four legs and which is why Man does not know how to walk like cats. It followed the mouse, which had magic of its own. Move Quiet Quiet, See Without Sight, and the strongest magic of all, Fear. The mouse did not know it was being stalked, but Fear worked its spell and so the Mouse always thought it was followed. Even safe in the nest it would look over its shoulder with eyes that did not see, smelt with noses that listen, and listened with ears that tasted. There was nothing behind it. There is everything there, Fear whispered to the Mouse, and suddenly there would be. But this time it worked the magic of Want, which drove away Fear, and which drove away safety.

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Castlevania Ep. 2: Necropolis, Or, “Attack of the Ninja Priest”

Apologies for keeping absolutely no defined schedule lately; a long-distance move interrupted my life and only now am I back to something approaching normalcy. More will be up, and more regularly now!


It begins:

Scene 1, the Intro: Brief, cut to almost nothing if you binge watch this.

Scene 2, a bar in a podunk village: We return to the podunk bar in the podunk tavern. A man complains about the major families, and directs his ire against the Belmonts. Trevor asks for a drink and is found to be a Belmont. A fight ensues that Trevor almost loses. He gets hit in the testicles, asks not to be hit there, is hit there again. It is unclear if this is a joke.

Scene 3, outside: Trevor vomits outside. He hopes his opponents “bleed out through their arses.” We hope Castlevania gets a new screenwriter.

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